Key Dates

Jul 28


July 28, 2021 - July 30, 2021


Welcome to the 21st IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology.

The 21st edition of the IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE-NANO 2021) will be held at Hotel Bonaventure in Montreal from July 28th to 30th of 2021.

IEEE-NANO is the flagship IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology, which has been a successful annual conference since 2001. Recent conferences were in Macau (2019), Cork (2018), Pittsburgh (2017), Sendai (2016), Rome (2015), and Toronto (2014). The IEEE-NANO 2020 is held virtually online at this link

The conference scope spans both nanoscience and nanotechnology, including:

  • Developing new nanomaterials or manipulating matter at nanometre length scale
  • Studying the fundamental physical, chemical or biological properties of these nanomaterials and nanostructures
  • Manipulating and optimizing nanomaterials and nanostructures to create new nanosensors, nanoactuators and nanoelectronic/nanophotonic devices.

We welcome contributions from both academic and industry-based researchers.

Listed below are some of the more specific topics that IEEE-NANO 2021 will focus on:

  • Nanofabrication
  • Nanotools
  • Nanomaterials
  • Nanomedicine
  • Sustainable electronics and abundant nanomaterials from natural sources
  • Energy Harvesting, Storage & Management

See technical areas for a complete list.


We negotiated a special rate with Hotel Bonaventure, please see accomodation for more information.



The conference is also endorsed by the Electrochemical Society :