Tracks and Invited Speakers

Tracks and Track Chairs

    1. Energy Conversion: Thermoelectrics and Solar Technologies
      • Organisers : Xiaoyuan Zhou (Chongqin University –, Holger Kleinke (University of Waterloo –, Qipeng Lu (University of Science and Technology, Beijing –
      • Invited speakers : 
        • Jesse Maassen – Ab-initio study of intra- and inter-valley scattering in thermoelectric materials
        • Guozhong Cao – From Lithium to Zinc-ion batteries: electroactive cathode materials
        • Yu-Chih Tseng – Thermoelectric Materials for Energy Recovery: Issues Other than ZT
        • Lin Jing – Elemental Red Phosphorus Photocatalysts for Energy Conversion and Environmental Remediation
        • Jiyan Dai – Thin film thermoelectric property enhancement by nanostructure and interface effect
        • Jianjun Tian – Stable and high efficiency colloidal CsPbI3quantum dots photovoltaics
        • Takao Mori – Nanostructured Thermoelectric Inorganic Materials for IoT Energy Harvesting
    2. Nanoenergy: Storage and Saving
      • Organisers : Francesca Soavi (Università di Bologna –, Francesca Iacopi (University of Technology Sidney –
      • Invited speakers : 
        • Shuhui Sun – Rational Design of Novel Nanomaterials for High-performance Zn-Ion and Zn-Air Batteries
        • Hadis Zarrin – White Graphene Electrolyte Membranes for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion Systems
        • Dominic Bresser – New Alkali-Ion Insertion Mechanism in Metal Oxides based on the Introduction of Highly Redox-Active Dopants 
        • Co Anne – Revealing Metastable Phases in Lithiated Sn Nanoparticles Using Operando Solid State NMR Methods
    3. Nanosensors and Nanoactuators
      • Organisers : Marcelo Ornaghi Orlandi (UNESP –, Leyla Soleymani (Mc Master University), Yuvaraj Sivalingam (SRM Chennai –, Tohid Didar (McMaster University –
      • Invited speakers : 
        • Corrado Di Natale – The sensing properties of porphyrins grafted onto zinc oxide nanostructures
        • Neftali Lenin Villarreal Carreno – Composite electrodes with sensor properties from biomass-derived materials, a green alternative
        • Tsuyoshi Minami – Organic thin-film transistor-based chemical sensors functionalized with artificial receptors
        • Hyeonsu Cho, Chang-Ki Baek – Highly Sensitive Silicon-based Electrochemical Sensor for On-site Fluoride Ion Monitoring
        • Tohid Didar – Nano-biomaterials for therapeutics and diagnostics
        • Mahla Poudineh – Continuous detection of glucose and insulin using a device-driven approach
    4. Nanoplasmonics
      • Organisers : Alexander Govorov (Ohio University –, Luca Razzari (INRS –, Laura Fabris (Rutgers University –
      • Invited speakers : 
        • Viktoriia Babicheva – Transdimensional plasmonic lattices with multipole Mie-resonant nanoantennas
        • Gregory Hartland – Energy relaxation Processes in Plasmonic Nanostructure
        • Prashant Jain – Storing energy from plasmons in chemical bonds
        • Tien-Chang Lu – Active control of surface plasmon polariton nanolasers on graphene-insulator-metal platform 
        • Alberto Naldoni – Plasmon-enhanced photocatalysis in hydrogen generation and storage technologies
        • Andrea Toma – Deformation sensitive devices based on plasmonic nano-cavities
        • Kosei Ueno – Control of surface-enhanced Raman scattering signals by quasy-dark plasmon modes and infrared Purcell effects
        • Gary Wiederrecht – Ultrafast photoprocesses in nanostructured plasmonic metamaterials
        • Jerome Claverie – To be determined
        • Daniel Gomez – To be determined
        • Stephen Gray – To be determined
    5. Nanoscale Science: Characterization and Modeling
      • Organisers : Maryam Ebrahimi (Lakehead University –, Hidemi Shigekawa (Tsukuba –, Osamu Takeuchi (Tsukuba –, Hong Guo (McGill University –
      • Invited speakers : 
        • Pavel Jelinek – Emerging exotic quantum phenomena in 1D molecular chains on surfaces
        • Willi Auwärter – Molecules on 2D Materials: Interface Characterization and In Situ Reactions
        • David Egger – Towards accurate properties of molecules and materials with optimally-tuned Range-Separated Hybrid Functionals
        • Kulbir Ghuman – Computational Modeling of Fuel Cell Materials
        • Shelley Claridge – Characterization and Control of nm-Resolution Patterning up to Macroscopic Scales 
        • Sabine Maier – On-surface synthesis of heteroatom-doped low-dimenstional carbon materials
        • Meike Stöhr – Molecular nanostructures on metals vs. graphene
    6. Nanophotonics 
      • Organisers : Peter Mascher (McMaster University –, Nazir Kherani (University Toronto –, Lyudmila Goncharova (University of Western Ontario –
      • Invited speakers : 
        • Paul O’Brien – Novel Spectrally Selective Mirrors and Optical Cavities for Thermophotovoltaic Systems
    7. Nanomaterials
      • Organisers : Eva Hemmer (Ottawa –, Claudiane Ouellet-Plamondon (ETS –, Alberto Vomiero (Lulea University of Technology, University of Venice –
      • Invited speakers :
        • Gunnar Westin – Complex composition and structure functional nano-materials through solution synthesis
        • Elisa Moretti – Shape-controlled Ce-Ti oxide nanosystems for photocatalytic applications
        • Giovanni Franchini – Organic radical polymers for resistive memory device applications
        • François Perreault – Novel nano-enabled membrane systems for sustainable water treatment and desalination
        • Daniel Chua – Expanding the range of chalcogenide, oxides and phosphide catalyst for Clean Energy and other Applications
        • Jordi Arbiol – Nanowire networks at atomic scale: from growth mechanisms to local properties
        • Marie-Eve Aubin-Tam – Bacterial production of bio-inspired high-performance materials
        • Ghim Wei Ho – Nanostructured Materials for Photo/Photothermal Energy Conversion
        • Alessandro Patelli – Dual frequency atmospheric pressure plasma jet: a new tool for nanostructuring
    8. Nanofabrication and Quantum Engineering
      • Organisers : Sebastian Wachsmann-Hogiu (McGill University –, Mohammed Chaker (INRS –, Sebastian Koelling (Polytechnique Montreal –
      • Invited speakers : 
        • Sabrine Leslie – Single-molecule biotechnology platform for discovery and applications
        • Leyla Soleymani – Developing Hierarchical Wrinkled Surfaces for Biomedica and Biosensing Applications
        • Bo Cui – Nanofabrication on non-flat irregular surfaces
        • Erik Bakkers – Towards new Quantum Wire Systems
        • Giovanni Fanchini – A review on the nanofabrication of aperture-type cantilevers for scanning near-field optical microscopy and their applications in nanoscale light management
    9. Nanomedicine 
      • Organisers : Fiorenzo Vetrone (INRS –, Milica Radisic (University of Toronto –, Houman Savoji (University of Montreal –
      • Invited speakers : 
        • Laura Fabris – Monitoring Viral Evolution with Gold Nanostars and SERS
        • Noémie-Manuelle Dorval Courchesne – Bacterial Protein Nanofibers as Scaffolds for Functional Composites
        • Christopher Moraes – Nanostructured surfaces for mechano-bactericidal applications: when bacteria lie on a bed of nails
        • Naomi Matsuura – Acoustically active nanoscale colloids for cancer
        • Sara Mahshid – Nanosurface platforms based on 2D and 3D nanostructures for optical/electrical sensing
        • Yan Li – The Antimicrobial activity of MXene Quantum dots and the Mechanism behind
    10. Nanotools
      • Organisers : Tomaso Zambelli (ETH –, Sabrina Leslie (McGill University –, Jeffrey Mativetsky (Binghamton University –
      • Invited speakers : 
        • Peter Grutter – Measuring dynamics with atomic force microscopy
        • Kyle Briggs – A nanotool to Support the solid-state Nanopore Research and the Development of Applications
    11. Nanoelectronicvs
      • Organisers : Emanuele Orgiu (INRS –, Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske (Portland State University –, Georgios Sirakoulis (Democritus University of Thrace –, Antonio Di Bartolomeo (University of Salerno –
      • Invited speakers : 
        • Luis Hueso – Spintronics with van der Waals heterostructures
        • Cinzia Casiraghi – Printed Electronics enabled by Water-based 2D Material Inks
        • Simone Pisana – Nanoscale heat transport in 2D crystal films
        • Nuria Crivillers – Organic radicals as promising building blocks for electronics
        • Mirko Cinchetti – Towards multifunctional molecular devices
        • Benoît Piro – Ink-jet printed graphene-based Electrolyte Gated Transistors. Application to the Monitoring of Redox Reactions
        • Atiye Pezeshki – Transition metal chalcogenides (TMDCs) and Graphene for 2D-electronics applications: photoinverter, complementary inverter, photovoltaic effect and magnetoresistance
        • Michael Adachi – Thickness-Modulated Diodes using Two-Dimentional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
        • Niall McEvoy – Synthesis and Characterization of Platinum Disulfide Thin Films
        • Filippo Giubileo – 2D transition metal dichalcogenides nanosheets as gate modulated cold electron emitters
        • Luca Camilli – In-plane anisotropic Ge-based layered materials
        • Francesco Rossella – III-V semiconductor nanowire electric double layer transistor gated by ionic liquids
        • Paola Barbara – Optoelectronics with scalable two-dimensional materials
        • Filippo Giannazzo – Integration of 2D materials with Nitride semiconductors: from synthesis to devices
        • Ray La Pierre – Nanowire photodetectors
        • Mario Lanza – Characterization of neuromorphic response using a conductive atomic force microscope
        • Shi-Jun Liang – Van der Waals heterostructures for neuromorphics
        • Shubhadeep Bhattacharjee – Two dimensional semiconductors for neuromorphic devices
        • Georg Stefan Duesberg – Conformal and selective deposition of layered PtSe2: 2D goes 3D
        • Antonio Di Bartolomeo – Modification of Contacts and Channel Properties in Two-Dimensional Field-Effect Transistors by 10 keV Electron Beam Irradiation
    12. Nanobio
      • Organisers : Nurit Ashkenasy (Ben Gurion University of the Negev –, Sahika Inal (Kaust – , R. Green (Imperial College –
      • Invited speakers : 
        • Ron Naaman – Chiral Molecules and the Electron’s spin, A venue for new magnetic in bio systems
        • John Tovar – Electronic processes within pi-conjugated peptidic nanomaterials
        • Tzahi Cohen-Karni – Forming input/output (I/O) interfaces with excitable cells and tissue using nanocarbons
        • Eleni Stavrinidou – Plant bioelectronics and plant biohybrids
        • Tyler Ray – Soft, Skin-interfaced microfluidic systems for clinical diagnostics
        • Hadar Ben-Yoav – Intelligent Microelectrodes Arrays for In Situ Analysis of Biofluids
        • Alon Gorodetsky – Dynamic Materials inspired by Cephalopods
        • Muhammed Hussain – Wearable Personalized Medical Platform Nanowires
        • Martin Kaltenbrunner – Bioinspired and Biodegradable Materials for Electronic Skins and Soft Robotic Actuators
        • Allon Hochbaum – Structure-function relationships in conductive supramolecular peptides and proteins
        • Nikhil Malvankar – Metal-like Conductivity in Microbial Protein Nanowires
    13. Nanopackaging
      • Organisers : Markondeyaraj Pulugurtha (Florida International University –, James Morris (Portland State University – jmorris@PDX.EDU)
    14. Stretchable and Wearable electronics
      • Organisers : Peyman Servati (University British Columbia –, Fabio Cicoira (Polytechnique Montreal –, Anastasia Elias (University of Alberta –, Wei Lin Leong (Nanyang Technological University –
      • Invited speakers : 
        • Madhu Bhaskaran – Oxide based stretchable devices for sensing, optics and memories
        • Tricia Breen Carmichael – A Textile-Centric Approach to Wearable Light-Emitting e-Textiles and Energy Storage
        • Yong-Young Noh – Development of High Performance Semiconductor Inks for Printed Field-Effect Transistors for Flexible Electronics
        • Beatrice Fraboni – Wearable textile electronic biosensors for healthcare applications
        • Derya Baran – Self-Healing and Stretchable 3D-Printed Organic Thermoelectrics
        • Nanshu Lu – Wireless E-Tatoos Chargeable On-The-Go
        • Tse Nga Ng – Flexible Organic Sensors and Actuators for Motor Skill Evaluation
        • Woo Soo Kim – 3D printed wearable sensors
        • Youfan Hu – Wearable Smart Sensor System
    15. 2D Materials
      • Organisers : Giorgio Contini (CNR, Italy –
      • Invited speakers : 
        • Richard Martel – Raman characterization of defects in exfoliated black phosphorus
        • Maurizia Palummo – Electronic and optical properties of novel 2D materials by refined ab-initio simulations
        • Xiao Zhang – Structural Engineering of Novel Layered Materials
    16. Nanotechnology for Humanitarian and Peace Engineering
      • Organisers : Federico Rosei (INRS –, Marta Cerruti (McGill University –, Oumarou Savadogo (Polytechnique Montreal –, Vinet Coetzee (University of Pretoria –
      • Invited speakers : 
        • Sumitra Rajagopalan – Smart Materials for peace and sustainable development: the case of thermoresponsive phase-change polymers
        • Daniel Oluwaseun Akinyele – Sustainability approach to clean energy options for energy-poor communities in developing countries
        • Suzanne Smith – Emerging Technology Solutions Towards REASSURED Point-of-Need Diagnostics
        • Nick Drager – Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative – a collaborative research and innovation partnership that works to discover and develop new TB vaccines
        • Songrui Zhao – Molecular Beam Epitaxy of AlGaN Nanowires for Ultraviolet Light Emitting
        • Emami Elham – e-health technology: concept, implementation, challenges
        • Melinda Foran – Non-networked WASH Technologies and Human Capacity to Meet the Basic Needs of People Living in Extreme Poverty
        • Raphael Guido – Structural biology and medicinal chemistry strategies applied to drug discovery for malaria
    17. Sustainable Electronics: Disassembling, Recycling and Eco-Design
      • Organisers : Hamid Karbasi (Conestoga College –, Patrick Malenfant (National Research Council Canada –, Bhavana Deore (National Research Council Canada – – Track 16 is endorsed by the Réseau de recherche en santé bucco-dentaire et osseuse.
      • Invited speakers : 
        • Inez Hua – Evolution of Smartphones Metal Content with its Fast-Improving Functionalities
        • Scott Loughran – An Efficient Electronic Waste Recycling Facility
    18. Nano-acoustics
      • Organisers : Xiaoning Jiang (North Carolina State University,,   James B. Spicer (Johns Hopkins University,, Oluwaseyi Balogun (Northwestern University,, Lidai Wang (City University of Hong Kong,
      • Invited speakers : 
        • Junjie Yao – Microbubble Enhanced Photoacoustic and Ultrasound Tomography
        • John Yeow – A Dual-Frequency Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer (CMUT) for Vapor Detection
        • Geoffrey Luke – Ultrasound neurostimulation with piezoelectric nanoparticles
        • Hyoung Won Baac – Photoacoustic Scalpel using Nano-Composite Transmitters with High Optical Damage Threshold
        • Carly Pellow – Nonlinear nanobubble acoustics for ultrasound-based vascular and extravascular applications.
    19. Nano-Ferroics 
      • Organisers : Alain Pignolet (INRS-EMT –, Beatriz Noheda (University of Groningen –, Daniel Sando (The University of New South Wales –
      • Invited speakers : 
        • Sylvia Matzen – Multiferroic tunnel junctions based on Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 tunnel barriers
        • Marty Gregg – Domain Wall Nanoelectronics: Recent Progress in both Fundamentals and Device Demonstrators
        • Agnès Barthélémy – Potential of SrTiO3-based 2DEG for spin-charge interconversion
        • Rogério de Sousa –  Magnetoelectric nanoparticles
        • Neus Domingo – Gradient-based electromechanical phenomena at the nanoscale: direct and converse flexoelectricity
        • Petro Maksymovych -Ferroics meet ionics in the land of van der Waals
        • Vincent Garcia – Tailoring antiferromagnetic textures in multiferroic BiFeO3
        • Alexei Gruverman – Tunable Conductance of Domain Walls in LiNbO3Thin Films
        • Andreas Ruediger – A Raman study of polar modes in nanostructures and surfaces of strontium titanate
        • Lukas Eng – Ferroic Domain Walls: Challenges and Beauty
        • Mathias Kläui – Nanoscale Antiferromagnetics: Spintronics without magnetic fields and moving electrons
    20. Modern and Emerging Plasma Nanomanufacturing Technologies
      • Organisers : Seiji Samukawa (Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University –, John P. Verboncoeur (Michigan State University –
      • Invited speakers : 
        • John P. Verboncoeur – Introduction of Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society (NPSS), IEEE
        • Uwe Kortshagen – Gas Phase Synthesis of Nanomaterials with Plasma
        • Tim Grotjohn – Plasma-assisted Diamond Growth with Color Center Incorporation for Quantum Computing and Sensing Application
        • Seiji Samukawa – Damage-free Plasma Processing for Nano-devices Manufacturing
        • Peter Ventzek – Atomic Precision Device Fabrication Involving Silicon, Silicon Nitride, and Silicon Dioxide using Cyclic Self-limiting Plasma Processes
        • Xuelun Wang – High-efficiency GaN micro-LEDs Involving InGaN/GaN Nanostructures fabricated by Neutral Beam Etching

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