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Plenary Speakers

Plenary SpeakerTopicPlenary Session
Prof. Paul WeissAtomic scale surface chemistry and physics, molecular devices, nanolithographyWednesday, 09:00-09:50
Prof. John PolanyiSurface aligned reaction governs nanofabricationThursday, 09:00-09:50
Prof. Shelley MinteerNanobioelectrocatalysis for Energy and Environmental ApplicationsFriday, 09:00-09:50
Prof. Yury GogotsiOptical and Electronic Properties of 2D Transition Metal Carbides and Nitrides (MXenes)Friday, 10:25-11:15

Keynote Speakers

Keynote SpeakerTopicKeynote Session
Prof. Luisa TorsiSingle molecule bio-electronic smart system array for clinical testingWednesday, 09:50-10:25
Prof. Cinzia CasiraghiInk-jet printed two-dimensional materialsWednesday, 14:20-14:55
Prof. Luisa De ColaSupramolecular assembly, luminescent materials, biomedical applicationsThursday, 9:50-10:25
Prof. Louis HuesoElectronic transport in nanoscale devices: spintronic and organic electronic applicationsFriday, 09:50-10:25

Awardee Talks

NTC AwardeeAwardCitationPresentation
Prof. Max ShulakerEarly Career AwardFor his pioneering work in carbon nanotubes and the broad area of nano-systems, including nanofabrication technologies, nanodevices, circuits, and architectures.Thursday, 14:20-15:05
Prof. Jean-Pierre LeburtonPioneer AwardFor pioneering contribution to the theory and simulation of semiconductor nanostructures and low dimensional nanoscale devices.Friday, 14:00-15:00
Dr. Myeong-Lok SeolEarly Career AwardFor innovative contributions to the development of triboelectric power generation and printed supercapacitors for space missions.--
Pr. John YeowDistinguished service AwardFor distinguished service, including accomplishments as an Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine and other service achievements.--

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Last minute live sessions

Wednesday July 28, 15:00-16:40, Room T3, Oral Session WeBT3

Session 1G

Gary Wiederrecht (invited, live)

Ultrafast Photoprocesses in Nanostructured Plasmonic Metamaterials< Argonne National Lab

Stephen Gray (invited, live)

Non-Hermitian Approach for Quantum Plasmonics, Argonne National Lab

Daniel Gomez (invited, prerecorded)

Plasmonic Hot Carrier Extraction for Photochemical Applications, RMIT, Australia

Hassan Ahmad Butt (contributed, prerecorded)

CNT-Epoxy-Masterbatch Based Nanocomposites: Thermal And Electrical Properties Skoltech, Russia


Wednesday July 28, 16:50-18:30, Room T3, Oral Session WeCT3

Session 1K

Benoit Piro (invited, live)

Ink-jet Printed Graphene-based Electrolyte Gated Transistors. Application to the Monitoring of Redox Reactions, Paris Diderot U

Giovanni Fanchini (invited, live)

A review on the nanofabrication of aperture-type cantilevers for scanning near-field optical microscopy and their applications in nanoscale light management, University Western Ontario

Viktoriia Babicheva (invited, live)

Collective Resonances of Lossy Material Nanoantennas, U New Mexico

Maurizia Palummo (invited, live)

Novel 2D/layered materials for energy applications: insight by ab-initio ground and excited-state methods, U Roma 2


Thursday July 30, 15:10-16:50, Room T4, Oral Session ThBT4

Session 2H

Mario Lanza (invited, prerecorded)

Characterization of neuromorphic response using a conductive atomic force microscope, KAUST

Georg Duesberg (invited, live)

Conformal and selective deposition of layered PtSe2: 2D goes 3D, Bundeswehr University Munich

Simone Pisana (invited, recorded)

Nanoscale heat transport in 2D crystal films, York U, Canada

Songrui Zhao (contributed, prerecorded)

Molecular Beam Epitaxy of AlGaN Nanowires for Ultraviolet Emission, McGill U, Canada

Sushil Kumar (contributed, live)

Characterizing Adhesion Limit Using Electromechanical Switches in Refractory Transition Metal (Mo) Contact Relay Operation at 300 °C, IIT Delhi


Thursday, 17:00-18:40, Room T4, Oral Session ThCT4,

Session 2L

Lukas Eng (invited, live)

Domain Walls – beauty and challenges, TU Dresden

Joel Loh (invited, live)

Waveguided Photocatalysts Improved Photochemical Efficiency, U Toronto

Viktoriia Babicheva (contributed, live)

Towards CMOS-Compatible Negative-Index Metastructures, U New Mexico

Karine Baassiri (contributed, prerecorded)

Lateral force contrast for the detection of hydrophilic beads embedded within a PDMS surface, McGill U

Ryan Tyler (invited, live)

Soft, Skin-Interfaced Microfluidic Systems for Clinical Diagnostics, U Hawaii

CMC Sponsor

Daniela Vieira (contributed, live)

Intelligent surgical tools to sense squamous cell carcinoma in head and neck tumor resection, McGill U


Keep in mind that the schedules are given for the EDT time zone.

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