About Montreal


Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec and second in Canada all toghether. It was founded by French explorer notably Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain in 1642 as a fortress named Ville Marie (Town of Mary), its modern name is later derived from the three-pike mount that is Mont Royal. Starting as a French fur trading outpost in the expanding New France, the city remained French until 1760 when it was surrendered to the British army following the defeat of the Battle of the plains of Abraham.

Under British influence it grew to be the largest city in North America in 1860 and annexed the neighbouring towns thus regaining the use of the French language. Even though the Canadian Great Depression shook the city with great force, skyscrapers made their way back to Montreal in the mid-1930 ans the city has become a center of economic and cultural activity. Montreal has hosted the Universal Exposition in 1967, the Summer Olympics in 1976 and its streets are constantly filled with events of all sorts.

What to do in Montreal

The following are just a few suggestions from the many increadible activities the city has to offer, we suggest that you visit the city’s website for a more complete guide.

The old Montreal

Montreal is a modern city bursting with life but hasn’t lost contact with its history. We suggest that you take the time to walk around the old Montreal to admire its cobblestone roads, stunning architecture and beautiful views.










Take a walk on the Mont-Royal

The Mont-Royal is a 764ft (233m) peak in the center of the town. A walk under its leafy trees will refresh your day and the view from the observatory is simply breathtaking.





See the Jacques Cartier bridge by night

The famous bridge illuminated by night is a rare sight and if you are lucky you might even witness fireworks over the St-Laurent river.